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If you get an error message while typing an email address that reads uses an invalid security certificate and reports Error code: sec_error_expired_issuer_certificate, these instructions should help you fix it.

Trust the directory certificate

Open Thunderbird, then click Write to compose a message.

Thunderbird write.png

Type an email address. Enter your password if prompted. When the error message appears, STOP!

Click View Certificate.

Directory uses an invalid security certificate.png

Click the Details tab, then click the Export... button.

Thunderbird view certificate details.png

Save the file to your Desktop

Thunderbird save cert to desktop.png

Click Close. Click Cancel.

Now, click Thunderbird → Preferences...

Thunderbird preferences.png

Click Advanced → Certificates → View Certificates

Thunderbird view certificates.png

Click the Servers tab, then click Import...

Thunderbird import certificate manager servers tab.png

Find and open the file you saved. It's probably called

Thunderbird open directory cert.png

Select the certificate and click Edit...

Thunderbird select cert and click edit.png

Check the Trust the authenticity of this certificate. box, and click OK.

Thunderbird trust the authenticity of this certificate.png

Click OK, then close the Preferences dialog.

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